Temperature Check - Smart Contract Audit

Smart Contract Audit Proposal

This proposal seeks to:

  • Allocate $157,500 from the Hubble DAO funds for the purpose of undergoing Smart Contract Audits by Code4rena and Dedaub.


Smart Contract Audits are considered to be a very important aspect that needs to be accounted for during the development process and prior to launching. The main reasons for these are as follows:

  • Reduce chances of code vulnerabilities leading to hacks;
  • Review best security practices; and
  • Review system design choices and oracle integrations

Smart contract audits are essential to the security of blockchain projects because they provide the opportunity for vulnerabilities to be identified and remediated before code moves to production and is vulnerable to exploitation.

Funding and Allocation

The two auditors that the Hubblenauts are looking to engage are known as code4rena and dedaub. Below mentioned are the quoted prices and start dates for each service:

Auditor Quoted Price for Audit Audit Start Dates
Code4rena $90,000 USD 17th February 2022
Dedaub $67,500 USD 4th April 2022

*Do note that these prices are potentially subject to change from the time of this proposal to the time of engagement with the above mentioned parties.

The total price as quoted above should amount to $157,500 USD. This proposal looks to gain approval from the Hubble DAO to engage with these auditors and to give powers to the Hubblenauts in dealing with the parties above. In the event that there is an increment in price, Hubble DAO will agree to give Hubblenauts the power to exercise, in its sole and absolute discretion, whether to allocate more funds from the Hubble DAO for the services above.

  • For
  • Against
  • Neither

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Lets do it


I was reassured by the reliable audit.
I wish you every success.


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hope everything goes well

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security is important. so whatever the team says is appropriate.

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Audition is necessarily for project to be well famous


love you hubble thanks team

do not hesitate and do it

Security is one of the most important issues
I wish success for your team
One of the best decisions you can make

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Let’s get it done! #StayHubble :white_check_mark:

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hope allthings goes exellent

I think more time is needed for each vote

perfect work again lets go

Auditing is also important to protect the interests of community participants. It is necessary to spend money on such things.