Temperature Check - Mod Guild Compensation and Onboarding

Mod Guild Compensation and Onboarding Proposal

This proposal seeks to:

  • Reward certain members of the mod guild who manage our most active communities with 500$/month for their contribution.


The mod guild has been considered a cornerstone to the growth of the Hubble community. They have not only moderated the main channels in contributing to solving doubts, onboarding users and quality discussion, but have also been key in making Hubble welcoming of non english speaking communities. Thanks to their efforts, Hubble now has communities in twelve languages other than english.

This proposal seeks to reward our most active mods from our biggest communities for their work.

Two variables have gone into deciding which mods are on boarded to the stipend:

  • Respective community size/activity.
  • Past and current experience (xp).

As the language channels grow, there is likely to be activity and work for more mods. Hubbleverse DAO will constantly monitor the community size on all language channels and mod contribution to onboard more mods to the stipend when required.

List of Stipend Mods

Stipend Mods:

  • Conqueror - Turkish Mod
  • Lelouch - Vietnamese Mod
  • Calicocat - Vietnamese Mod
  • 4mgyi - Chinese Mod

The following are duties that must be carried out by each stipend mod:

  • Moderating and managing their language channel on Discord.
  • Moderating and managing their language’s TG group.
  • Creating a safe, fun, community-oriented environment for Hubblers.
  • Translating and/or reviewing translations of announcements to their assigned language.

The formal contribution term for each mod will span for a period of 6 months. At the end of the 6 month formal contribution period, a performance review will be carried out by the Hubbleverse DAO to assess the contribution made by each mod. The Hubbleverse DAO may renew the formal contribution agreement based on the results of the review at which point the prior mentioned will be renewed for an additional period of 6 months. If Mods cease to perform their duties listed above during the contract period, the Hubbleverse DAO reserves the right to terminate the agreement with the non-performing individual at any point in time, without provision of notice/reason.

All members of the Mod Guild, regardless of whether on a stipend or not, will be eligible for Contribution Mining as long as they are fulfilling their aforementioned duties to the DAO over the course of their contribution term. Should the Mod cease to fulfil their obligations, they shall lose any and all future benefits in Contribution Mining immediately at point of removal.

  • For
  • Against
  • Neither

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I hope the best for us

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great.good work team

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Conqueror is the best for strong Turkish community👏🏻


amazing job guys good luck

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Great work, thanks for supporting the contributers!

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Интересно, в Русском сообществе есть мод? Как не странно но в русском сообществе мало людей активничают, наверное потому-что вообще мало людей посещают чаты. Надо будет заинтересовать их, чтоб сообщество росло:sweat_smile: Я за рост сообщества:wink: А всем тем кто активничает в проекте хочу пожелать удачи, молодцы. :+1::+1::+1:

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Great initiative and the mods. #stay

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great works, congrats @calicocat @Lelouch

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It’s ok, but what about other language’s Stipend Mod?!

Thanks for pointing this out!

All mods will be rewarded with 2HSC a month regardless of whether they get stipend or not (contribution mining proposal).

For the stipend mods we selected based on two criteria: participation of the mods (xp points) and size of the Community/ language channel. It is true there are some amazing mods that were not included in this proposal despite being very active and helpful because the language channel they are in charge of doesn’t yet have enough activity.

But we expect to expand the number stipend mods as soon as our language channels grow. This is probably going to happen really soon too!!

So this basically opens the door for more mods to be rewarded like this in the very near future.


Thanks mate, it’s nice to work with you guys

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hope the best things

keep up the good work

I think it’s good to have more community contributors.

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good decision. i will be better for community.

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