Temperature Check - Initiate Hubbleverse DAO

Initiate Hubbleverse DAO

This proposal seeks to:

  • Create a structure known as the Hubbleverse DAO which has the intention to reward community oriented and/or community sourced contributions, projects and activities.
  • Allocate a grant of $77,500.00 to the Hubbleverse DAO as funding for the next 6 months.
  • Hire a manager to supervise, execute and plan community oriented projects and activities.
  • Hire artists to create visual content: pictures for announcements, commemorative NFTs, memes, stickers, hubble’s metaverse, artefacts like Hubblerobes and other projects.
  • Manage, Hire and Compensate moderators from the ModGuild.
  • Appoint a number of individuals from the Hubble Community to be Multi-sig signers for the Hubbleverse DAO


“A product is only as good as its community that supports it.”

Creating a strong community is paramount to success in web3 endeavours. Even the best product will have problems to thrive if the community is not aligned, motivated and engaged.

Hubble has had the fortune to be home to several community originated/managed projects such as Hubblesong, Hubbleverse, Hubble Liquidation Bot, Hubble Space Cats, Hubblerobes, Tutorial Guild etc. We want to ensure that Hubble maintains such a community where these things happen through supporting and incentivising these initiatives.

Through this proposal we aim to create a structure to fund, reward and strengthen community projects.

Funding and Budget:

The proposal looks to allocate $77,500.00 in funding to the Hubbleverse DAO to be used over the course of the next 6 months. The funds will be directly used in supporting community initiatives, commissioning freelance artists, creators and other community oriented activities.

Hiring Dorlanz as part of the Hubbleverse DAO:

This role is expected to adapt to new variables and the scope of work for it is expected to increase as Hubble is an early stage DAO. Therefore, a meta job description will be adopted and maintained here: Dorlanz - Job Description

Salary: $3750/mo

The contract duration will be 12 months.

Having embraced most job responsibilities for weeks now, for the work carried out in the past, an additional $4,000 is requested.

If the Hubbleverse DAO is successful, it is believed that the community and growth impact on Hubble will be far more than the cost to the treasury.

Hubbleverse DAO members:

  • Dorlanz
  • Kepler
  • Alejoh
  • Mr. Boat
  • Zruci

Proposed multisig participants:

  • Nicolas ∀ (0x7599b83E8B5f0410AA8637daF114504EF738a223)
  • Mr. Boat (0x86d222e6cd59f08386222f2A1A2B26feB00B530D)
  • Dorlanz (0xDB12968480d58237f96FF1Bb6f6dD9bB2b3b4Ef1)
  • Zruci (0x2223b368dF984A1042a3225CC73c6B543f6DA2CF)
  • Kepler (0xFD7348D574bc2044Fa1B47A6F42A2053Ad8c4e6a)

Multisig safe address (AVAX ONLY):

  • For
  • Against
  • Neither

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Hope it will be the best for us :pray:

thank you for everything :pray:

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I’m glad to see Hubble’s progress so fast.

thanks guys :heart_eyes:
I appreciate your hard work :heart:

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good luck everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:

The path is completely clear. Great team planning

Очень хочется чтоб Hubble достиг высот, спасибо ребята за проделанную работу, и многое ещё стоит сделать в переди.

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I love the Hubble community. I’m looking forward to the mainnet as well. I’ll continue to support it.

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Voted! Great proposal!

]I think is that necessary for growth of project

Nice idea :blush:
I look forward to the evolution of Hubble!

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Good job! hope it gonna be the best for the community!

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Nice proporal.Voted.

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The path is completely clear. Great team planning!!!

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