HP020 - Educators Grant and On-Chain Invites

This proposal seeks to:

  • Initiate an Educators Grant.
  • Initiate on-chain NFT outreach to sAVAX Holders and Yak Swap Traders

Educators Grant

Hubble Exchange’s protocol design enables a multitude of cutting-edge features, such as the ability to provide liquidity in the asset of your choosing, providing liquidity on leverage and partial liquidations. There are also a number of opportunities, such as delta neutral funding rate arbitrage - a strategy that can potentially yield up to double or triple digit yield during the early days of the exchange. To spread awareness around these features and opportunities, a grant program is proposed for community members in the on-chain derivatives space to fund educational content on Hubble Exchange. This content may include:

  1. Twitter Threads.
  2. Blog posts.
  3. Videos.

The aforementioned types of content are not exhaustive and grants may be provided for other types of content as well, assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The total allocation of funds to this grant program shall be capped at $30,000. The grant shall be distributed to creators/writers at the discretion of the Hubbleverse DAO.

Grantees are required to explicitly disclose to their audience they are a subject of Hubble Exchange’s Educators Grant Program for full transparency.

The Hubbleverse DAO is required to assess grant applications based on:

  1. Caliber of past content.
  2. Credibility.
  3. Reach.

On-Chain NFT Outreach to sAVAX Holders and YY Swap Traders

The Hubbleverse DAO first pioneered on-chain outreach using NFTs in HP011. 430 Traders who had been liquidated on GMX were whitelisted for a HSC. Over the last few months, 9.53% (41) of these traders have claimed their Hubble Space Cat. This shows validation for the on-chain outreach campaign pioneered by the Hubbleverse DAO and is a testament to the model’s effectiveness.

Hubble Exchange will be listing sAVAX as collateral and integrating YY Swap. This proposal seeks to authorise 1000 HSC for sAVAX Holders and YY Swap Traders.

sAVAX and BenQi Holders
Allocation: 300
To be whitelisted: must hold sAVAX or hold more than 2500 BenQi.
Snapshot time: September 28 at 12.58 UTC for sAVAX holders and September 27 at 18.06 UTC for QI holders.
The first 300 will be eligible to claim their HSC.

YY Holders
Allocation: 50
To be whitelisted: must have held more than 0.25 YAK.
Snapshot time: October 4th at 15:00 UTC.
The first 50 of these YAK holders will be eligible to claim their HSC.

To claim, they must:

Traders must claim their HSC before End of 2022.

If the remaining HSC from these campaigns are not claimed within the assigned time frame, the HSC shall go back to the treasury after the expiration of the invites. Since there was no expiration delineated on HP011, as part of this proposal, an expiration is proposed to be at the end of this year. After this, the liquidated GMX traders will no longer be eligible to claim their HSC.

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