HP016 - Funding Hubbleverse DAO

This proposal seeks to:

  • Allocate a grant of $80,500 to the Hubbleverse DAO as funding for the next 6 months.
  • Provide additional autonomy to Hubbleverse DAO members to manage administrative functions related to Hubbleverse.


"A product is only as good as the community that supports it.”

The HubbleverseDAO was created on January 30th through proposal HP007 with the aim of creating content, hiring artists, building the Hubble culture and community , and coordinating mods and other community contributors.

During the last six months the DAO has managed to fund, create and incentivize many projects, memes and artworks that are now at the heart of the community; and to reward the most proactive and helpful Hubblers. Examples include the NFTs by community artist Alejoh that most active Hubblers have received, 3D trailers and videos, a VR world by Mr. Boat for Hubblers to meet and hang out, learning material, community interviews, merchandising…

In the early stages of a project like Hubble, having a strong community and means to channel its creativity becomes essential. Through this proposal we aim to continue funding HubbleverseDAO’s efforts to this effect.

The motivation for granting additional autonomy to the Hubbleverse DAO is situated in the interest of enabling greater efficiency, reducing general overhead and reducing redundancy in DAO proposals as the DAO grows over time.

Funding and Budget:

The proposal looks to allocate $80,500 in funding to the Hubbleverse DAO to be used over the course of the next 6 months. The funds will be directly used in supporting community initiatives, commissioning freelance artists, creators and other community oriented activities.

Administrative Autonomy:

This proposal seeks in addition to the aforementioned, to provide additional autonomy to Hubbleverse DAO members with regards to administrative functions surrounding Hubbleverse. Such expansion of functions include but are not limited to hiring additional members, adjusting respective salaries and any other general managerial elements fundamentally related to the DAO.

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Great proposal! Done✅


Nice one, sir. Here we come

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Not only do we love Hubbleverse DAO but also we vote for Hubbleverse DAO

I hope the proposal helps to achieve the final goal

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