HP015 - Set up an Avalanche Mainnet Validator

This proposal seeks to:

  • Use the AVAX acquired through HP014 to set up an Avalanche mainnet validator for R&D purposes.


In order to improve the overall user experience of Hubblers through increased transaction speeds and lower transaction costs, Hubble Exchange would like to explore transitioning the entire exchange to an application specific Avalanche Subnet.

A prerequisite for launching the subnet is running a validator. In order to make sure a subnet is secure and decentralized attracting multiple validators with significant stake is integral. Running a Hubble Exchange DAO validator and validating existing subnets, example Swimmer Network, will equip the protocol contributors with knowledge on what launching and running a validator entails, along with an in-depth understanding of its risks and incentives.

  • This knowledge will allow the core contributors to smoothly onboard potential validators to the Hubble Exchange Subnet.
  • Understanding risks and rewards will form data points in determining incentives (if any) for attracting future Hubble Exchange subnet validators. A minimum of 5 validators are suggested to launch a subnet.
  • Validating other subnets will earn yield destined for the treasury.
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Voted✅ Great proposal as usual team. Full support


It’s a good idea keep evaluating guys :bulb:


A subnet for perpetual trading sounds interesting and exiting. Great to see this proposal!

Думаю это хорошая идея, мне нравится :+1:

voted​:+1::+1::+1::+1: it is awsome

I voted :two_hearts::hugs:Voted​:white_check_mark: Great proposal as usual team