DAO Expansion: Airdropping HSC to Liquidated GMX Traders

This proposal seeks to:

  • Airdrop 1 HSC each to 430 traders liquidated on GMX on Avalanche.

Over the past few months, the markets have been in turmoil over the anticipation of the Fed raising interest rates. This has caused a market correction.

Over 430 unique traders on GMX (Avalanche) have been liquidated since the deployment of GMX on Avalanche, snapshot taken at 10 PM PDT on Tuesday. The proposal suggests onboarding these traders to the Hubble Exchange DAO. These traders have shed blood protecting the future of France and now we must welcome them with open arms.

The Hubble DAO currently only has 1206 unique holders. An airdrop of 430 HSC would be 4.3% of the total supply of HSC. This proposal suggests an expansion of the DAO to invite seasoned avalanche-based perpetual future traders into the Hubble Ecosystem for growing the community.

The potential value proposition to Hubble DAO:

  • Product Feedback on Andromeda from seasoned traders as the exchange nears mainnet launch.
  • Valuable governance input and participation from these traders.
  • Raising awareness for the upcoming trading competition and attracting participants.
  • Trading Volume on Hubble Mainnet if they choose to trade on Hubble.

If this proposal passes, the following addresses will be whitelisted for claiming HSC, and will be able to redeem their HSC through https://spacecats.hubble.exchange upon the passing of the proposal and the formal announcement.


Thank you to threesigma#7713 for taking the time to carry out the snapshot.

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i think 1 is too much.(since they havent directly contributed through testnet period)
maybe 0.5 but i guess that is impossible.


This is brilliant. What were the criteria for the airdrop. I actually feel we can airdrop multiple for liquidations above say 100k and none for super shrimps <100$.


that is a good idea
i think giving them 1 all seems unfair to some members


I thinks it to be good
but must to be a procedure to punish them to be more cautious in future


This idea can attract capital and should be considered in all directions and an active truck.


Good idea for our community to grow. but it’s unfair to give them the same amount as users


I support this proposal because:

-we want to open up our community to new entrants

-GMX traders are exactly the kind of users we want. People who will actively use the protocol. So far our main airdrop has gone to testers, this is to reward their early support and feedback. But some testnets might not be as active mainnet users . This is a way to make sure we also reward our prospective target users

-why liquidated traders? They have suffered a loss due to the downfall of the recent weeks, they are likely to appreciate the SpaceCats. We are democratising HubbleHugs.

-Now there might be some concerns about this distribution. Some people have recently joined and participated in Hubble DAO with the hopes of gaining access to a HSC and might feel betrayed they didn’t get one while there is a proposal to reward GMX liquidated users. To these Hubblers I would say this is only a small airdrop to begin the expansion of the DAO, this is begining and Hubble won’t to leave you behind.


I think it’s a great idea, cause everyone will be happy for this move


Sounds like a good idea to me. We are incorporating other Avalanche communities into our own, hubblehugs only become bigger with more people !
I know some might disagree with the proposal but I’d like to point out that not only is the airdrop amount not too high, but we are in a way also inviting active traders to Hubble - this will only lead to upliftment of the Hubbleverse.


its great .good work team

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I think this is cool. nice way to add new people to the community.

that is a good idea

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Against, we need more user like perp.

Great way to attract new users/capital for Hubble! As we all say Hubble is for Everyone #StayHubble

What a surprise idea!
The HSC is very special to us Hubblers. That’s why I’m not comfortable air-dropping it to someone who is not really a Hubblers.
But I think this idea will be very effective in bringing in new users!
We sincerely hope that the HSC will be a great opportunity for you to join HubbleDAO!

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Good idea good idea :sunglasses::v:thank you

Nice idea! i think giving them 1 all seems unfair to some members

It is mentioned in the replay of one: “This is a way to make sure we reward our target prospective users”
was a very good explanation. This part is very important. What makes the platform grow is the presence of real users

I would think that experienced traders are less likely to get liquidated. So I’d rather consider onboarding GMX traders who didn’t get liquidated during this period of volatility.

For the future of France!